The Giving Plate selected for the 2023 Community Ambassador Program



We are honored to announce that our 2023 Community Ambassador Program beneficiary is The Giving Plate, Central Oregon’s largest food pantry. This amazing community resource serves over 3,500 individuals per month who are battling food insecurity. Most of which are our housed neighbors and thousands of children. Please help Pine Mountain Sports in raising funds for this year’s Community Ambassador Program. 

Please click HERE to learn more and donate to The Giving Plate. 

“You have been a blessing through these tough economic times. We prefer to do for ourselves, so food banks are not something we have been to often. Your staff and volunteers make it easy and non-judgemental, helpful people. We appreciate your care and compassion” – Guest of The Giving Plate



The Giving Plate’s Story

The Giving Plate opened its doors in April 2010 through the efforts of Gary & Debra Kelso. Their Christ-centered passion was to serve the community during a poor economic time when many were struggling to make ends meet.  Initially, they thought helping 500 families have food on their table would be amazing, but within months of opening, they had registered that 500th family, and they began to realize the need was much bigger than they ever imagined. The community’s need for food continued to rise at an astounding rate and has not let up.  At The Giving Plate, we purpose to serve our guests with compassion and hospitality, and we are intentional in our efforts to remove the “clinical experience” of entering a food bank.

Listen to this video from 2019 to learn more about the story of The Giving Plate and the local family that founded it.