We Are Solar Powered

Pine Mountain Sports is committed to using more renewable energy and we are the first (and only?) solar powered bicycle shop in Oregon! And we use our solar array to help power our new Pinemobile…

The Sunlight Solar Energy installed solar array on the roof of our store is 18.5 kw (made up of 66 SolarWorld 280 Black panels) and delivers enough power to cover nearly half of our monthly electricity needs. We purchase the balance of our electricity though the Pacific Power Blue Sky renewable energy program which offsets our carbon footprint with wind, solar, and turbine-generated electricity and helps brings new renewable energy facilities on-line in the Northwest.

When you visit our store, a real-time display on a video monitor above the register shows how the solar array is performing. Since we installed the system in August of 2015, our solar array has generated over 23 kW of green energy (in its first year of operation) and has saved 41,555 estimated pounds of greenhouse gases!

In August of 2016 Sunlight Solar Energy added a solar powered ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging station to our parking lot. This enables our customers who drive EVs to charge their vehicles (via our solar array!) while shopping at Pine Mountain Sports! There are currently two, level-2 (J1772) ports available for use so that more than one EV can charge up at a time. You can find our EV charger on popular charging networks like Plugshare and ChargePoint. The Pine Mountain Sports EV charging station is available day or night and the first hour is always free.

In 2016 Pine Mountain Sports added a 100% electric Nissan Leaf as our primary shop vehicle. Purchased from our friends at Smolich Nissan, our Nissan Leaf is powered by our rooftop-generated solar electricity! Why drive electric? It’s fun to drive with all that torque. It’s quiet and clean. It’s inexpensive to maintain and it simply doesn’t use a drop of gas. Our newest, 2019 Nissan Leaf has a range of just over 150 miles and our staff uses it year-round, for most of our daily store errands and bicycle and ski deliveries. Read more about Why Our Central Oregon Ski Shop Bought An Electric Car.

The 2019 Pine Mountain Sports Nissan Leaf SL “Pinemobile”