Shipping Your Bike via

Shipping your bike someplace? Pine Mountain Sports highly recommends using

In addition to being the least expensive shipping option for almost any bicycle and destination, BikeFlights lets you enter your own shipping details, and even allows you to schedule a round trip ticket for your bike (choosing both the delivery/pickup dates at once).

If you need Pine Mountain Sports to box your bike for shipping, we usually charge $75 for packing. This includes packing materials and a box, but does not include shipping costs. For that, we will work with you so that you can easily arrange your shipment via

Here are a few steps to follow to ensure that our bike shipping process is as seamless as possible.

  1. Drop your bike off to our service department for boxing and shipping. You will receive a notification via email from the Pine Mountain Service Department when your bike is completely packed and ready for shipment. We’ll provide you with the bike box dimensions and the final weight.

  2. Once you have received that information you will be able to go to to setup your account and arrange your bikes shipment.

  3. When processing your shipment please be sure to select the ‘pick-up’ option and enter a date. (The carrier does not receive any notification that your bike needs to be picked up if no pick-up date is entered). Please select the next business day (the day after you’ve received notification that your bike has been boxed and is ready for shipment). Pickups can only be scheduled Monday through Friday.

  4. Once your shipment setup is complete please forward the BikeFlights shipping labels to Our ship/receive department will take care of the labeling, and will send you notifications directly once your bike has been picked up. Easy! Got questions? Call our service department at 541-385-8080