Bike and Ski Service

From bicycle repairs to ski waxing/tuning, our service department is open 7 days a week and is always here to help! At Pine Mountain Sports we pride ourselves in doing things right, and on time. And, we guarantee our work. Period. Call our service department at 541-385-8080. Please note that all bike repairs require an appointment. Details here.

Bike Labor Rates

Simple Tune (bike w/ no gears): $30

  • Clean/Inspect frame
  • Inspect/Adjust headset, bottom bracket, hubs
  • Inspect/Lube Chain and Cables
  • Inspect/Adjust Brakes
  • Check Fasteners
  • Test ride

Level One Service: $70

  • Basic Bike Wash
  • Lubricate Drivetrain
  • Align and Adjust Brakes
  • Align and Adjust Shifting
  • Check and Adjust Headset
  • Inspect Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust Wheel Bearings
  • Torque All Fasteners
  • Estimated Parts Cost: $25

Level Two Service: $110

  • Level One Service, Plus…
  • Deluxe Bike Wash (Wheel and Tire Scrub, Deep Clean Drivetrain)
  • New Cables and Housing (Highly Recommended for Improved Shifting)
  • Wheel True and Tension
  • Estimated Parts Cost: $50

Lifetime Annual TuneUp Plan: $200

Our Lifetime Annual TuneUp covers the annual cost of our $90 Level Two Service for as long as you own your bicycle. We offer the Lifetime Annual TuneUp Plan for any bicycle that you own, whether purchased at another store, or even purchased second hand. It’s only $200 and is valid for as long as you own your bicycle. This pays for itself in two years and it our best service bargain, by far.

Level Three Service: $375

  • Level Two Service, Plus…
  • Bare Frame Disassembly
  • Suspension Fork Service
  • Rear Shock Service
  • Dropper Post Overhaul
  • Replace Any Pivot Bearings
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed
  • Service Freehub Body
  • Overhaul or Replace Bottom Bracket, Headset Bearings, Wheel Bearings
  • Estimated Parts Cost: $150

Tubeless Conversion

  • Discuss Benefits of Tubeless Tires: FREE
  • Install Rim Strip, Sealant & Tire: $20 per Wheel + Parts
  • Replenish Stan’s Sealant: $10 per Wheel
  • Replace Tubeless Tire: $10 per Wheel. We’ll recycle your old tires.

Suspension Package: $100

  • In-House Fork Service
  • In-House Rear Shock Service
  • New Dust Wiper Seals / Oil
  • Clean and Inspect Internals
  • Inspect and Adjust Pivots
  • Inspect, Regrease Headset
  • Estimated Parts Cost: $50

Suspension Damper Package: $200

  • Suspension Service, Plus…
  • In-House Damper Recharge
  • Service and Bleed Dampers
  • Install Bushings as Needed
  • Estimated Parts Cost: $80

Dropper Post

  • External Dropper Post Install: $30
  • Internal/Stealth Dropper Post Install: $35
  • Trim and/or Bleed Hydraulic Dropper System: $25


  • Install Brake Pads & Adjust: $20 per Wheel
  • Adjust Front or Rear & Test Ride: $15 per Wheel
  • Bleed/Adjust Hydro Brake: $25 per Wheel
  • True Brake Rotor: $10 per Wheel


  • Adjust & Test Ride: $15
  • Install Derailleur & Adjust: $30


  • Minor True (Kinda Wobbly): $15
  • Major True (Super Wobbly): $25
  • Custom Wheel Build: $90 per + Spokes/Parts

Installation Of Parts

  • Replace Inner Tube: $10 + Tube
  • New Chain Size & Install: $10
  • Cable Housing & Replacement (Labor Only): $20
  • Glue & Install Tubular Tire: $50 + Parts/Prep
  • 1x Conversion (Labor Only): $75
  • Install of Ride Wrap or invisiFRAME kits (Labor Only): $220-$250

Hourly Shop Rate: $90

  • Chasing Mystery Creaks, “Fun” Projects, Etc.

Bike Wash

  • Cleaning Your Dirty Bike: $25
  • Deep Clean / Detail as if for Sale: $75

Service Appointments

  • Can’t part with your bike? Service appointments can be scheduled with a $40 deposit.
  • The $40 deposit goes toward and parts/labor needed during the repair
  • We prefer to see your bike when scheduling, in order to assess parts and time needed.
  • Service deposits are not refunded if you are a no-show for your appointment time.

Bike Shipping/Building

Ski Labor Rates

Ski Labor:

  • Ski (Alpine, XC, Skate) Hot Wax: $15
  • Split/Snowboard Hot Wax: $18
  • Edge Tune: $30
  • Full Ski Tune: $75 (AT/Alpine base grind, edge grind, hot wax)
  • Machine Edge & Wax: $35
  • New Ski Prep: $25 (edge bevel corrections, hot wax)
  • Base Repair: $10-$30 (price dependent on base condition, hot wax is additional)
  • Cut Climbing Skins to Fit: $25
  • Cut Poles To Length: $10

Mounting Labor:

  • XC or Skate Mounting: $25 ($20 if some of the gear is purchased at Pine)
  • Telemark & Alpine Touring Mounting: $65 ($55 if any of the gear is purchased at Pine)
  • Quiver Killers Installation: $120
  • Plug Old Binding Holes: $10

Our Service Guarantee:

When you have your bicycle or skis serviced at Pine Mountain Sports, we take pride in guaranteeing our work. If at any point you feel that our service department didn’t repair or solve the issue that you hired us to solve, please let us know so that we can correct it. If you feel that something is not perfectly adjusted or tuned as you expected, promptly bring it back to us so that we can make it right. No matter if your bike or ski repair is big or small, our service is guaranteed.