Winter Rentals

We are no longer renting our Winter Equipment for this year. Check back next Winter (23-24)!

We currently have a large rental and demo fleet of metal-edge XC touring skis, XC and BC boots, poles and complete skis packages for nordic touring and snow shoeing. Even fat bikes!

Please note that we don’t offer reservations on winter equipment, except fatbikes. Our current nordic XC rental fleet includes Fischer 68 cross country nordic skis – all with partial or full metal edges. We also have MSR snowshoes for adults and kids! Our only current alpine touring rentals are accessories which are all noted below…

Alpine Touring Skis

Rent Black Diamond Climbing Skins

Black Diamond Climbing Skins

Assorted Sizes | Now Available
BD Ascension skins are our favorites for straight-up climbing ability and durability. We recommend bringing in your skis so we can be certain that we rent you skins with a good fit. Full specs »
24-Hr Rental = $15
Rent Black Diamond Adjustable Poles

Black Diamond Adjustable Poles

Adjustable | 105-155cm | Now Available
Whether you're backcountry skiing or snowshoeing, an adjustable pole is nice to have to help you navigate sidehills and deep skin tracks. These go from 105-155cm. Full specs »
24-Hr Rental = $5
Rent Probe or Shovel

Probe or Shovel

Assorted | $5 Each | Now Available
Don't let your ski partner join you without all the required snow safety gear. In addition to avy beacons we also rent Black Diamond and G3 Shovels and BD Probes. Full specs »
24-Hr Rental = $5
Rent Avalanche Beacons

Avalanche Beacons

Ortovox Diract or Ortovox ZOOM+ | Available Year Round
Our go-to beacons from Ortovox offer the latest in three-antenna accuracy with a simple and easy to use package. Includes chest pouch. Available year-round. Full specs »
24-Hr Rental = $20

XC Touring Skis

Rent Rossi & Fischer XC Ski Package

Rossi & Fischer XC Ski Package

NNN BC Binding | Most Sizes | Now Available
This season we offer the Rossignol OT65 with partial metal edges or the slightly bigger Fischer 68 with full metal edges. Both packages include our Fischer BC X6 or X5 Boots.
24-Hr Rental = $30 / 12-6P = $25
Rent Nordic XC BC Skis Only

Nordic XC BC Skis Only

NNN BC Bindings | Most sizes | Now Available
Right now we offer the Rossignol OT65 with partial metal edges or the slightly bigger Fischer 68 with full metal edges. Both ski options have bindings for NNN BC Boots.
24-Hr Rental = $20 / 12-6P = $15
Rent Nordic Poles Only

Nordic Poles Only

XC Poles | 120-160cm | Now Available
In addition to our adjustable rental poles, Pine Mountain Sports has cross country ski poles from 120-160cm. Nothing fancy, but if you need to borrow some poles they'll do just fine.
24-Hr Rental = $5


Rent MSR Evo & Evo Ascent Snowshoes

MSR Evo & Evo Ascent Snowshoes

Size 22-inch | Up to 180lbs | Now Available
MSR's Evo snowshoes use a plastic deck for durability and a triple-strap binding for secure footing in any boots. The Evo Ascent adds flip-up heel lifts for climbs. Full specs »
24-Hr Rental = $20 / 12-6P = $15
Rent Kid's MSR Tyker Snowshoes

Kid's MSR Tyker Snowshoes

Size 17-inch | Kids up to 90lbs | Now Available
A kid-sized version of our popular MSR Denali snowshoes, these easy-to-use and are intended for children who weigh up to 90 pounds. Full specs »
24-Hr Rental = $20 / 12-6P = $15