Pine Mtn. Sports Canned Food Drive

Bringing in your canned food donations? Lucy gives you two thumbs up!

Pine Mountain Sports needs your help in collecting canned meals for our friends at The Giving Plate . The hard working staff and volunteers at The Giving Plate provide food to over 3,000 individuals every month here in Central Oregon! Right now their pantry is low on peanut butter, canned meats, and canned meals like stews, soups and pastas.

Gather up your donations (any non-perishable food is accepted) and bring them to Pine Mountain Sports until the end of August. As we fill boxes with your donations we’ll take them to The Giving Plate until September first.

As a small thank you for your donation, Pine Mountain Sports will give you one of our $10 Service Gift Cards that you can use to help get your bike or skis ready for the trails!