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Winter Coat & Sleeping Bag Drive

BRING THE HEAT To Our Bethlehem Inn Winter Coat Drive…

We need your gently used winter coats and sleeping bags to give to the Bethlehem Inn ahead of the winter season. During October you can drop off your donations to FootZone, Pine Mountain Sports, or Patagonia @ Bend and (along that that warm, fuzzy feeling) we’ll stoke you out with credits to spend in all three stores. That’s hot! Our Bring The Heat promo ends Oct 31.

Get Some! Give Some.

We’re Hiring Awesome Sales Staff!

Pine Mountain Sports of Bend, Oregon is adding to our awesome sales staff!

One of the busiest and best bicycle and ski stores in Central Oregon is looking for an exceptional sales person to join our amazing family.

We are looking for nothing less than a skilled, experienced individual who is also the friendliest person that we’ve ever met! Being a sales person/manager at Pine Mountain Sports has one requirement… You need to strive to “make the day” of every single person that walks in our door! And it helps if you have a full skill set and solid history in retails and/or the ski and cycling world. You’ll need to be motivated and extremely detail oriented – and work well within our team of friendly sales people and experienced bike techs to make sure that work gets done. Everything you touch should exceed our, and our customers, expectations.

We offer a competitive hourly rate that is dependent on experience, great benefits, potential year-round employment, and a friendly and (reeeeally) fun work environment.

Women, as always, are strongly encouraged to apply!

Interested? Send a resume, and introduce yourself via email to

2017 Demo Bike SALE Details

Each October, Pine Mountain Sports sells off most of our huge selection of rental and demo mountain bikes. This year Club Card members can start placing 50% deposits on specific bikes on Thu Aug 31. The general public can start placing 50% deposits on Fri Sep 1. All bikes are sold/held 1st come, 1st served beginning when we open the doors each day. We will only take phone reservations after Noon on each day. The pick up date for your bike is Thu Oct 12. No exceptions (except for the bikes marked as Available NOW). We will continue to rent it out in the meantime, but all deposits are 100% refundable at any time.



Hardtail Rental Bikes
Kids Trek Superfly 20, 2017 Green, One size = $200
Kids Trek Superfly 24, 2017 Black, One size = $270
Trek X-Caliber 8, 2017 Matte Red, Sizes 15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, 23 = $600
Women’s Trek Cali SL Disc, 2017 Blue, Sizes 13.5, 15.5, 17, 18.5 = $600

Full-Suspension Aluminum Rental Bikes
Kids Trek Fuel JR, 2017 Black, One size = $1050
Women’s Trek Remedy 8 WSD 27.5, 2017 Black, Size 15.5 = $1800
Trek Remedy 8 27.5, 2017 Black/White, Size 21.5 = $1950 (Available NOW)
Trek Fuel EX8 29, 2018 Quicksilver, Eagle, Sizes 15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, 23 = $2200
Trek Remedy 8 27.5, 2018 Black, Sizes 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5 = $2350
Trek Fuel EX8 27.5+, 2018 Matte Black, Sizes 15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5 = $2400

Full-Suspension Carbon Demo Bikes
Trek Fuel 9.8 Carbon 29, 2017 Black, Size 18.5 = $3500 (Available NOW)
Trek Slash 9.8 Carbon 29, 2017 Black, Sizes 17.5, 19.5 = $3600 (Available NOW)
Santa Cruz Tallboy CC, X01, 29er, 2017 Yellow, Sizes M, L, XL = $3600
Santa Cruz 5010 CC, X01, 2017 Gloss Red, Size XL = $3600
Santa Cruz Hightower CC, X01, 27.5+, 2017 Dark Red, Size XL = $3800
Juliana Roubion CC, X01, 2017 Lavender, Size S = $4000  (Available NOW)
Bree’s Juliana Furtado CC, X01, 2017 Matte Blue, Sizes M = $4800

Carbon Road Staff Demo Bikes
Kristina’s Women’s Trek Silque SSL Carbon Di2, 2017 Black, Size 47cm = $3200

BRAND NEW Bikes That Are On CloseOut
Trek Crockett 7 Disc Cyclocross, SRAM CX1, 2017 Red, Size 50cm = $2600, $1690 (NEW, Available NOW)
Trek Fuel 9.8 Carbon 27.5+, 2017 Black, Size 17.5 = $5300, $4240 (NEW, Available NOW)
Trek Fuel 9.8 Carbon 29, 2017 Black, Size 18.5 = $5000, $4000 (NEW, Available NOW)
Trek Remedy 9.8 Carbon 27.5, 2017 Black/Blue, Sizes 18.5, 19.5 = $5300, $4240 (NEW, Available NOW)
Trek Slash 9.8 Carbon 29, 2017 Black, Sizes 17.5, 19.5 = $5500, $4400 (NEW, Available NOW)

Images and specs for most of our current demo bike fleet can be found here.


IMPORTANT STUFF: This listing is a work in progress and pricing, sizes, and bikes offered may change. Some of these bikes are noted as being Available NOW, which means they are available to buy and take home today, but most are not and require the deposit to hold. We do not credit any previous bike rentals towards the purchase of demo bikes or sale bikes, we only do that with new bikes.

Demo/rental bikes do not come with the factory warranty that a new bike would have since the bike is used and you are not the original owner. All worn out parts will be replaced but worn parts will not. Consider purchasing our Lifetime Annual Tuneup Plan for any of these demo/rental bikes (or any bike you own) for $200. Ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

Customers who purchase bikes by Thu Aug 31 will have the option of using the Trek Card to receive an entire year of interest free riding! Ask one of our staff for details. Text the word TREK to 97788 to apply. Offer ends on end of day, Thu Aug 31.

Raise A Pint for Volunteers in Medicine!

Eat at Deschutes Brewery this Tuesday and and every Tuesday in August 2017 and $1 from every pint you drink will go directly to Volunteers in Medicine Clinic of the Cascades-VIM!

If you can’t make it to the pub, you can swing by the tap room on Tuesdays, fill your growler, and $2 will go directly to VIM.

Pine Mountain Sports is continuing the work of our new Community Ambassador Program. Our Community Ambassadors have each pledged to give $500 to a very deserving, and underfunded, non-profit organization of our choice.

For 2017 we are focusing these efforts on Volunteers in Medicine – Clinic of the Cascades. Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) provides healthcare on a donation basis to low-income, working adults who live in Central Oregon and have no medical insurance or means to pay for care.

We are very grateful to our friends at Deschutes Brewery for designating our 2017 Community Ambassador Program and Volunteers in Medicine – Clinic of the Cascades as their Raise A Pint beneficiary for August!

Let’s raise a pint together while raising some dollars for those who are providing healthcare for the hard working, low-income members of our community that need it the most.

Get some! Give some! ~ Dan McGarigle, Owner

Pine Mtn. Helps Reduce Bike Theft in Bend

Pine Mountain Sports has been working closely with the Bend Police Department over the past two summers to help reduce bike theft in Bend. We were recently recognized by the City of Bend for having a role in reducing bike theft by over 60% compared to the previous year!

Pine Mountain Sports creates a Bike Index account for every customer that we sell a bike to, and we’ve provided bait bikes to the Bend Police Department that have been stolen and tracked to make numerous arrests! That said, we give all of the credit to the City of Bend Police Department for looking out for the cyclists in Bend and working overtime to catch bike thieves! Thank you!

Community Ambassadors For VIM

Volunteers In Medicine – Photo by The Bend Bulletin

For many in our Central Oregon community, 2017 has started off as a very tough year. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by abrupt changes in our National policies. However, one of the best ways to overcome those feelings is to make a positive impact in our local community. Right now.

At Pine Mountain Sports we recognize that Bend is growing. As our population increases, the needs and demands on our social services here in Central Oregon are also increasing. We believe that it’s our responsibility to embrace the volunteers who are working their asses off to serve our neighbors and Bend residents with real needs – and we are asking for your help.

Pine Mountain Sports is continuing the work of our new Community Ambassador Program. These Community Ambassadors have each pledged to give $500 to a very deserving, and underfunded, non-profit organization of our choice. (In 2016 our Community Ambassadors donated $22,736 to CASA of Central Oregon!)

For 2017 we are focusing these efforts on Volunteers in Medicine – Clinic of the Cascades. Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) provides healthcare on a donation basis to low-income, working adults who live in Central Oregon and have no medical insurance or means to pay for care.

VIM provides patients with primary and specialty medical care, prescription medications, mental health care, basic optometry, dental cleanings, and targeted health education programs. VIM’s patients are adults who are not eligible for the Affordable Care Act programs and have annual incomes that are less than 250% of the federal poverty level, with the average household income of about 125%, or $31,000 for a family of four.

The majority of VIM’s patients work multiple part-time jobs in construction, landscaping, various trades, restaurants, hospitality

Most patients have one or more chronic conditions that are managed with medical oversight and access to care, which we would like to help fund. VIM leverages free medication, medical supplies, and pro-bono care in the community to provide $7 of care for every $1 we raise!

We are asking you to join us in becoming a Community Ambassador. By pledging $500 directly to Volunteers in Medicine, you would provide $3500 in health care and join the ranks of local businesses and concerned citizens who are working to make a big, big difference in 2017.

This is not just for businesses. We also have commitments from numerous private families and individuals like you who have committed to making our community better for everyone! With your help we can provide stability and a brighter future for our less fortunate neighbors in Central Oregon.

Are you with us?

Please feel free to email (this email comes straight to me) with any questions you may have for me. We will be recognizing all our Community Ambassadors at this years Powderhound Preview on Wed Nov 15, 2017.

Get some! Give some.

Dan McGarigle, Owner
Pine Mountain Sports

How To Not Get Your Bike Stolen in Bend

Your rig looks rad with all those bikes on it! But don’t let it out of your sight.

Unfortunately, bike theft in Bend is a thing. Bend is a destination for mountain bikers, which also means that Bend is a destination for bike thieves. As a bike shop, we have a front row seat for reports and stories and insurance claims related to our customers getting their bicycles stolen. It sucks. But, it’s often avoidable…

1. Visiting Bend? Never leave your bikes on your car overnight.

FACT: As a destination shop for visiting mountain bikers, this is a common story. “I just got into town last night and we had our bikes stolen off of (or out of) our car in the hotel parking lot!” That sucks.

STORY: No matter where you travel, never leave your bikes on your car overnight. Even if they are locked to the roof rack. Bike thieves will pry the entire roof rack off of your car, with the bikes still on it, and trash your car in the process. The little locks on your roof racks are great for keeping your bike secure while you use the restroom at the gas station, and maybe eat dinner with your bikes within view. They are not intended to secure your bicycles overnight. Or while you’re at the movies. Or out late for dinner. Unload your bikes and bring them inside. Every night.

2. Don’t leave your garage door open unless you are standing in your garage.

FACT: In 2015 the Bend Police Department received over 360 bicycle theft reports which accounted for more than 400 stolen bicycles inside Bend city limits. Only 29% of bicycles stolen in Bend were locked up and reportedly had a lock defeated or cut. This means that 280+ of these 400 bicycles were not locked! Bicycles stolen out of open garages in Bend were unlocked 93% of the time!!!

STORY: We always hate to hear that a customer got their bike stolen. But, when we’re told that their unlocked bike was taken from their porch, driveway, or garage that they left open overnight – it’s reeeeeally hard to feel sorry for them. Seriously people, let’s not make it too easy for bike thieves. You only went into the house for a few minutes? How long do you think it takes for somebody to walk in and ride out with one or two of your bicycles? If I just happen to be walking past your house it takes about 30 seconds – and that’s with my beer still in my hand.

3. Don’t even plan on locking up your fancy mountain bike.

STORY: We’ve had many a customer ask which lock we’d recommend for securing their $6000 mountain bike. Our answer is often this… “You won’t need a lock because you’re NEVER going to leave this bike anywhere unattended. You’re going to be riding it. Transporting it in your car while you are driving the car. Or the bike will be secure inside your home or garage. There are no other places where this bicycle should be.” You wanna go down to the bars or to work? Ride your cruiser bike. Or walk. Is this realistic? If you care about your fancy bike, absolutely!

4. Know your serial numbers and register all of your bicycles with a free service like BikeIndex.

FACT:  Less than 20% of bikes stolen in Bend in 2015  were recovered and returned to their owners. And, only 25% of Bend bike owners knew all or part of their bike serial numbers. If you don’t know, or can’t quickly get, the serial number then the likelihood of getting your bike back is slim. When you register your bicycle on BikeIndex you make it possible for law enforcement to instantly determine if a bicycle they’ve recovered has been stolen and that it belongs to you. When you register your bicycle on BikeIndex any person or bicycle shop can look up a bicycle to see if it was reported stolen – and find out who it belongs to.

STORY: If your stolen bicycle gets brought into our store by a fishy owner and our service department is suspicious of it, we can instantly look it up on BikeIndex and see if it’s been reported as stolen (by you) and find out who the owner actually is. Rad!

Let’s run bike thieves out of Bend. The best way to do this? Starve them out.

AWESOME STORY: The good news is that, in response to a record 49% increase in bike thefts in 2015, Bend Police conducted a season-long sting operation in 2016 which made use of “bait bikes” and resulted in 16 felony bike theft arrests and (by year end) a 60% drop in bicycle thefts. Rad! But, one of Bend’s biggest bike theft problems still exists – most stolen bicycles were not locked up. C’mon, people! Let’s not make it too easy for them.

The Top 5 Locations For Bike Theft in Bend (via 2015 Bend PD reports)…

  • Yard/Porch/Driveway – 32.7% (Usually unlocked!)
  • Public Bike Rack – 19%
  • In Garage – 12.6% (Garage left open and/or bikes unlocked 93% of the time!!!)
  • Outside a Business – 11% (Usually unlocked!)
  • In Vehicle/Truck, or On Vehicle Rack – 6.9%

Annual Demo Ski SALE

Each spring, Pine Mountain Sports sells off most of our rental/demo skis and snowshoes. This year Club Card members can start buying skis on Fri Mar 24. The general public can start shopping on Sat Mar 25 until Mon Mar 27. All skis and snowshoes are cash and carry – waxed and ready to take home. We will only take phone sales after Noon on each day. No exceptions. Sale ends at 6P on Mon Mar 27.



Alpine Touring

·         Rossignol Super 7 Skis with G3 Ion Bindings = $650

·         Rossignol Soul 7 Skis with G3 Ion Bindings = $630

·         Black Diamond Helio Skis 105 with G3 Ion Bindings = $700

·         Scarpa Maestral SL Alpine Touring Boots = $375

·         Scarpa Gea Alpine Touring Boots = $330

·         Arcteryx Procline Alpine Touring Boots = $350

·         2016 Black Diamond Adjustable Poles = $40

Backcountry Nordic XC

·         Rossignol BC 65 XC Skis = $155

·         Rossignol BC 70 XC Skis = $180

·         Rossignol BC XC Boots = $65

·         2016 Salomon Snowscape and Siam 7 Skis = $120

·         Rossignol XC Rental Poles = $15 per pair

·         2014/15 Salomon XC boots = $40

·         2016 Salomon XC boots = $65

Skate Skis

·         Salomon RS Skate Skis = $290

·         2013/14 Salomon Skate Boots  = $50

·         2016 Salomon Skate Boots  = $100

 ·        All Skate Ski Poles = $30


·         MSR Revo Mens & Womens Snowshoes = $90


·         Demo Trek Farley 7 Fatbikes = $1575 (Avail to take home on Tue Mar 28)


IMPORTANT STUFF: This listing is a work in progress and pricing, sizes, and items offered may change. We do not credit any previous ski rentals towards the purchase of demo skis. Ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

2017 Dirt Divas Ride Groups

During our Pine Mountain Sports Dirt Divas MTB Rides we use 5 different ride groups to accommodate women mountain bikers of all skill levels. Our 2017 Monday night ride groups consist of Beginner, Beginner +, Intermediate, Advanced Fast, and Advanced Technical riders.

Beginner (green group):
– Brand new to mountain biking. First timers!
– Averaging 7 miles

Beginner + (yellow group):
– Beginner but not your first time
– Building confidence
– Building stamina
– Averaging 10 miles

Intermediate (blue group):
– Good fitness and stamina
– Rides out of the saddle often
– Rides some technical terrain
– More aggressive than beginner
– Averaging 15 miles

Advanced Fast (red group):
– Strong physical stamina
– Understands body positioning on the bike
– FAST-PACED with fewer breaks
– Averaging 20 miles

Advanced Technical (orange group):
– Strong physical stamina
– Understands body positioning on the bike
– Sessions trail features
– Skilled on technical terrain
– Averaging 8-15 miles


We resolve to get every one of our customers to support our local trails and to help build more places to ride all across the country. Buy a new mountain bike from Pine Mountain Sports in 2017 and we’ll give you an annual membership to COTA and to IMBA. We’ll do this for every bike we sell, all year long. This year Pine Mountain Sports urges us all to be more involved and get dirtier than ever.