New to Mtn Biking as an Adult

Story & Photos by Savannah S. 

I’ve been working at Pine Mtn Sports as the Office & Human Resources Manager for about 3.5 years now, but only recently got into mountain biking 1.5 years ago.

For those who are just starting out mountain biking as an adult; it can be intimidating. There’s a lot of parts, maintenance info, and trailside etiquette to learn along with so much more. So, where does one start?

I started with the bike. Specifically, a 2022 Juliana Furtado. For women who are looking at which first bike to start out on, I highly recommend the Furtado. It’s a great beginner bike that does a little bit of everything. For some riders, the Furtado is going to be that long-term bike that they stay on for years. For others, it may be that bike that gets you to that next best bike once your riding progresses and changes. There’s also a lot of other great beginner friendly bikes to get started on, the choice is yours! Thankfully, I had a great knowledgeable group of co-workers here at Pine Mtn who helped me figure out that I wanted the Furtado. You can utilize their knowledge too and just come in and chat about what they’d recommend for you!

After lots of riding last year and this year (so far!) I’m starting to eyeball that next best bike for me! If you’re wondering what that is…it’s the Trek Top Fuel. It was love at first ride. My best piece of advice for beginner riders is just to get out there to learn about what you like, whether it’s that first bike, what your favorite trails are, which bike seats are/aren’t comfortable for your sit bones, etc. Don’t be afraid to join group rides or ride with friends that are uplifting and who challenge you! It’s how you get better.

The large community of amazing people that mountain biking has opened up for me has been life changing!! But you can only experience it all if you put yourself out there and just ride! Remember, everyone started out as beginners once.

Happy Riding!

Savannah S.

Photos: Savannah right after getting her new Furtado [Above], Soaking in the amazing views from the trail [Right]