Jane Quinn’s 24-Hour Race Checklist

Jane Quinn during a recent post-race folding chair celebration!

What’s on Jane Quinn’s Oregon 24 Check List?

Planning on doing your first 24-hour race this year? Our own Jane Quinn has been racing the Solo category at several 24-hour mountain bike races in the Northwest. Here’s her suggestions for things to bring along to make your 24-hour race a good one…

My Packing Mantra: Weather-wise, be prepared for anything!

Bike Stuff:
Bring your bike!
Don’t forget your shoes (and spare cleats just in case)
Water bottles & spray bottle
Chain lubricant
Spare tube & tires
Bike tools (multi-tool, pump or CO2, tire levers, chain tool)
Bike stand (if you have one)
A few rags
Shower system if you want to shower
Solo riders may want to bring 2 bikes/shock /seat post.

1-2 jerseys/shirts, shorts & cycling socks
Jacket(s) and/or vest depending on weather and what you own
Arm warmers, knee/leg warmers
Toe covers or shoe covers
Little Hotties hand and toe warmers
Eyewear for eye protection with different lenses: sunny/dark lens, dusk/orange lens,night/clear lens
Gloves (1-2) pairs
Light systems, spare batteries that can be charging while you are riding
Bug spray
Rain gear

Other stuff:
Comfortable shorts/shirts/pants/footwear for during down-time
sleeping bag
beach towel
ground mats
lawn chairs
toilet paper
garbage bags
lanterns and/or headlamps
duct tape
tape to label your battery packs or anything else you don’t want to lose!
power strip
basic first aid kit (with ibuprofen or preferred pain killer)

Bring whatever you need to stay alive for 24 hours. Most 24-hour events have at least one food vendor. But be aware of how you process food when you are in race mode because these kind of foods can have adverse affects if they are on the acidic side. More simple foods (PBJs, bananas, chocolate milk, rice pudding, potato chips) tend to go down easier and not upset the stomach. Bring energy gels, bars, bananas, bagels – stuff that is easily digestible, fluids.

Hope this helps!

Have a great race,