Hendo Does The Train Gap


Take a real, good look at this photo…

At Pine Mountain Sports we’re proud of our staff. We ask a lot of them, and in return, they work hard – for all of us. And they constantly surprise us with their talent. And mucho cajones! This is a photograph of one of our bike and ski techs, Henry Lanman (a.k.a. Hendo – or the other Henry), doing a fine job of styling the massive Kenny Smith Train Gap (near Whistler) in Canada.

The other Easter Egg? The photographer was none other than Trevor Lyden, who also works in our service department! Trevor’s been snapping exceptional photos for years, and did this jump proud by capturing the scale of the Train Gap. You can view more of Trevor’s images on Instagram or at TrevorLydenPhotography.com.

The next time you’re in the store, make sure to give Hendo and Trevor a high-five and ask them about the Train Gap jump!