Let’s Help Deliver A Sense Of Belonging

Pine Mountain Sports is partnering with Furnish Hope for our 2022 Community Ambassador Program!

Furnish Hope started with a simple vision – where marginalized families in our community that need housing and shelter would also receive an actual bed to sleep in and a kitchen table to gather around. Now, a team of Bend-based volunteers, donors, businesses and agency partners are helping to create stability and a sense of belonging by providing the essentials that make a home…

Bedding, a lamp to read by, cookware and dishes to prepare and serve a meal, a vacuum, or even a bunkbed. These are the often missed ingredients that can make the difference when a struggling, unhoused family needs to get out of a difficult situation and into a stable, comforting, and long-term home. Every year, Furnish Hope personally delivers a sense of belonging and security for hundreds of families in need throughout our Central Oregon community.

We are asking you to help us in supporting Furnish Hope by becoming a 2022 Pine Mountain Sports Community Ambassador. By pledging $500 directly to Furnish Hope, you’ll join the ranks of local businesses and awesome community members who are working to bring stability to the home lives of families, veterans, and children in need.


Please feel free to send me an email to Dan@PineMountainSports.com with any questions you may have.

Get some! Give some.

Dan McGarigle, Owner
Pine Mountain Sports

Volunteers at Furnish Hope sorting essentials into a care package for a family in need.