Let’s Feed Our Neighbors In Need

The staff of HolmMade Toffee are 8 of the nearly 350 volunteers that prepare and serve meals at Family Kitchen.

Pine Mountain Sports is partnering with Family Kitchen for our 2021 Community Ambassador Program!

Family Kitchen was founded in 1986 by four women who began providing free meals to their neighbors in Bend after the mill shut down. 35 years later, their mission is unchanged… Anyone in our neighborhood that is in need of a hot, nutritious meal will be offered one – or more – without question or cause.

Thanks to over 350 volunteers who give their time and efforts, Family Kitchen now prepares and serves over 5,000 meals per month! All of this is done from their kitchen and dining room located in downtown Bend. They’re in the building on the corner of Wall and Idaho with the red front doors.

We are asking you to help us in supporting Family Kitchen by becoming a 2021 Pine Mountain Sports Community Ambassador. By pledging $500 directly to Family Kitchen, you’ll join the ranks of local businesses and awesome community members who are working to make a big, big difference for our Central Oregon neighbors.


Please feel free to send me an email to Dan@PineMountainSports.com with any questions you may have.

Get some! Give some.

Dan McGarigle, Owner
Pine Mountain Sports