Cycling & Ski Manufacturers Based in Bend…

Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles…

As a bicycle and ski retailer that’s staffed year-round by around 25 residents of Bend, Oregon we’ve long been proponents of shopping and spending our outdoor recreation dollars locally. We think we’re all aware of the dramatic impact that shopping and spending locally has on our economy and everybody that lives here.

From buying groceries at our local farmers markets and locally-owned grocery stores to giving our local retailers an opportunity to earn our (otherwise) on-line shopping business to moving all of our banking to a local credit union – there are many things we can do to keep our hard earned dollars in Bend.

At Pine Mountain Sports we seek out amazing vendors who provide us with the best bike and ski products from all over the world. And, more and more, we’re incredibly excited at the number of bicycle and ski hard-goods vendors we buy from who are based right here in Bend, Oregon!

When we all buy our new gear from these businesses (and via a local retailer) then we’re greatly magnifying the impact that our cycling and skiing dollars have on our economy.

Here’s a list of cycling and ski companies that we encourage you to consider when making your next purchase. When we support these local manufacturers via our local retailers we are investing in our community on many levels…

Argonaut Cycles

Robert Axle Project


Abbey Bike Tools


Hope Technology USA

Knight Composites


Fatback Bikes

Terrain Control Industries

Project 321

Know of a Bend based Cycling or Ski manufacturer that we’re missing? Please send your suggestions to