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We Give A Buck!

Who gives a buck? We do! Every time you demo a new Juliana, Trek or Santa Cruz mountain bike from Pine Mountain Sports this year, we’ll give a dollar to Central Oregon Trail Alliance. Thank you all for helping us support our local mountain bike trails! Buck yeah!

Service By Appointment

At Pine Mountain Sports we require an appointment for most bike service.

Our bike service technicians are in high demand now, and in some cases the wait for bike repairs can be over two weeks. Our goal is to keep you from having to part with your bike any longer than necessary. Rather than having you leave your bike with us for an extended period, we are currently requiring appointments for bicycle-related services. Here’s how it works…

  1. Bring your bike into Pine Mountain Sports to meet with one of our service advisors. There’s no need to make an appointment for this step. Stop by any day between 10A and 6P and we’ll put the bike in a stand and discuss any repairs that may need attention. We’ll schedule an actual repair date with you (often between 1-3 weeks away) at this time. We believe that having you bring in your bike to make this appointment (instead of just call) allows us to look at your bike with you and order any small parts that needed for your upcoming service. This ensures that we have everything we need to repair your bike on the day of your appointment, and you get to keep riding your bike in the meantime!
  2. When you make this appointment we will ask for a $40 deposit in order to reserve your day on our service calendar. This $40 holds your spot and so long as you arrive for your appointment on time, gets credited towards your repair. Think of this deposit as a gentle reminder that our mechanic is expecting you and your bike to arrive on time.
  3. Bring your bike in 1-3 days before your service appointment, and we’ll plan on getting your repairs done promptly. In most cases we will only need your bike for 24-48 hours, and we’ll call or text you as soon as it’s ready.
  4. Go ride your freshly tuned bike ASAP knowing that Our Service Is (always fully) Guaranteed!

Let’s Feed Our Neighbors In Need

The staff of HolmMade Toffee are 8 of the nearly 350 volunteers that prepare and serve meals at Family Kitchen.

Pine Mountain Sports is partnering with Family Kitchen for our 2021 Community Ambassador Program!

Family Kitchen was founded in 1986 by four women who began providing free meals to their neighbors in Bend after the mill shut down. 35 years later, their mission is unchanged… Anyone in our neighborhood that is in need of a hot, nutritious meal will be offered one – or more – without question or cause.

Thanks to over 350 volunteers who give their time and efforts, Family Kitchen now prepares and serves over 5,000 meals per month! All of this is done from their kitchen and dining room located in downtown Bend. They’re in the building on the corner of Wall and Idaho with the red front doors.

We are asking you to help us in supporting Family Kitchen by becoming a 2021 Pine Mountain Sports Community Ambassador. By pledging $500 directly to Family Kitchen, you’ll join the ranks of local businesses and awesome community members who are working to make a big, big difference for our Central Oregon neighbors.


Please feel free to send me an email to with any questions you may have.

Get some! Give some.

Dan McGarigle, Owner
Pine Mountain Sports

Santa Cruz Chameleon Singlespeed Conversion

Raise your hand if you love the simplicity and joy of riding a singlespeed mountain bike?! There’s nothing like the look of a stripped down bicycle with all of the extra cogs and derailleurs and cables removed. And there’s quite a few of us that love the added challenge that a mountain bike with only one gear can present.

We’ve got a lot of singlespeed fans and owners here at the shop, and our service department always gets a little excited when a customer rolls a singlespeed conversion project up to the counter. Almost any mountain bike can be made into a singlespeed, and one of the most popular starting points at Pine Mountain Sports is the Santa Cruz Chameleon. The Chameleon is super-versatile with the option of 29er or 27-plus wheels. The frame features swinging dropouts that give you the ability to fine tune chain stay length, and while that feature is mainly for geared use, there’s 15mm of adjustment there. It’s these adjustable rear dropouts that encourage Chameleon owners to easily convert from geared trail charger to singlespeed play bike and back. Santa Cruz does not offer a complete Chameleon with only one gear, but any new Chameleon can be ridden at the next Single Speed World Championships with a few easy steps…


Our Santa Cruz Chameleon converted to a single speed. In this photo it’s currently at 34T/20T.


The Santa Cruz Chameleon frame and complete bikes are offered in either aluminum or carbon, and both options feature singlepeed-friendly dropouts. In these photos we started with Henry’s Chameleon Carbon C with the SE build kit and 29-inch wheels. We removed the stock cassette, rear derailleur, shifter and shift cable. We’ll use the original narrow-wide front chainring and since this bike will become a dedicated SS, we went ahead and shortened the 12-speed chain.

The only new part you’ll need to buy is a singlespeed conversion kit for the SRAM XD-driver equipped rear wheel on the Chameleon. Our favorite is the Problem Solvers Zinger (Your shop can order it via QBP# HU0952). This $79 kit includes both an 18T and 20T cog, which works for most of us. Need another size? Problem Solvers also offers Zinger cogs in sizes 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22T. These are proprietary so, for example, your Surly cogs won’t work with this bolt-on-style kit.

We opted to use the stock rear dropouts in order to keep this conversion easy and inexpensive…

Santa Cruz offers a Singlespeed Dropout Kit for the Chameleon, one for 27.5+ and one for 29er wheels. The difference between the Singlespeed Dropouts and the stock geared dropouts is that the rear hub spacing is changed from 148/Boost rear spacing to 142mm rear spacing. The switch to 142mm spacing with the SS dropouts would let you use some singlespeed-specific rear hubs. But that also requires a whole new singlespeed-specific rear wheel, which is not inexpensive. Fortunately, with the Problem Solvers Zinger kit, we can use our stock rear wheel and our existing dropouts!

The one other difference with the Santa Cruz Singlespeed Dropout Kit is that the drive-side dropout looks cleaner because it doesn’t have a derailleur hanger on it. We fixed that with a hacksaw and a file. More on that in a moment…


Our rear hub with the Problem Solvers Zinger kit installed. You can see where we’ve cut off the rear derailleur hanger and Sharpied it.


Step One: Remove the stock cassette, rear derailleur, shifter and shift cable. We’re done with those forever! Or until you decide that you miss having gears. If you think that you’ll likely return to having gears on this bike then we recommend saving your 12-speed chain for later and not shortening it for this singlespeed setup. The Chameleon makes it easy to go from SS to geared if you keep the existing chain (with a quick link), cassette, derailleur, and shifter (with cable and housing still attached) all together in a little bin. Label it with “SSWC” to make it easy to dig out once a year.

Step Two: Install the Zinger kit on your rear hub per the instructions. You’ll need to do a bit of eyeballing to arrange the spacers and rear cog for a near-perfect chainline. The Zinger kit includes two 1mm, two 2.5mm and two 5mm spacers. In our case we wound up with 7.5mm of spacers on the inside, and 9.5mm on the outside of the cog. Your results may vary.

Step Three: Get familiar with how to adjust your Chameleon rear dropouts. If your bike came with gears, you’ve probably never had to mess with the dropouts until now. Santa Cruz has a great Tech Video here that will show you everything you need to know. Make sure to watch it! Again, we opted to use our stock dropouts to save the expense of buying new ones and having to replace our rear wheel.

Step Four: You’ll need a chain. We didn’t plan on saving our stock 12-speed chain, so we shortened it. It’s been working fine with the front chainring and Zinger cog. You could also use any chain that’s made for 3/32″ cogs. If you decide to cut your original chain you’ll do that next…

Step Five: You’ve got everything you need to go ahead and adjust your chainline, your chain length, and your chain tension. Take your time, and pay careful attention to chain tension.

Step Six: These next steps are simply cosmetic items… One you have a fully functioning singlespeed, and have ridden it enough that you are ready to commit, you may want to cut off the rear derailleur hanger. Do you have to? Nope. But if you’re looking to make your single speed conversion clean (and permanent) it’s easy to trim off the derailleur hanger. Look closely and there’s a natural curve/line on the dropout which is a good cutting path to follow. We used a hacksaw to take off the most of it, and then used a file to smooth it out. A bit of touch-up black paint is totally pro, although we simply used a Sharpie (see pic below). These dropouts are available individually, so you can always change your mind. Note that each of the Chameleon dropout options are specific to either 29er or 27.5+.

Step Seven: After removing the rear derailleur cable housing from the frame, we replaced the original cable stop with a blank port. On the left side of the top tube, near the head tube, you’ll see that the Santa Cruz Chameleon cable stops can be swapped out to cover the hole. If you’re lucky, you got one with your new Chameleon and didn’t throw it away. If you need another you can get one from Santa Cruz. Though it doesn’t look like it in the pic, this kit includes one blank port..

Step Eight: One of the many joys of riding a singlespeed is that chain slap is not a thing. With that in mind we removed the rubber chainstay protector from our Chameleon frame. These are not glued on and are easily removed (and snapped back in place if you change your mind).


The dropped Chameleon chainstays came close to the chain using a 32T front ring. We swapped to this 34T for more clearance up front.


That’s it! An upside of going single is that we shaved some weight off of our Chameleon. Not a lot, according to the scale, but the end result is so much cleaner looking! And we’ve come away with a Chameleon trail bike that we think is even more unique and fun to ride. We’ve had lots of interest from Chameleon customers about removing the derailleurs from the bikes, and wanted to show that with the Zinger kit, it’s actually much simpler and less expensive than you might think. Happy singlespeeding!

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2020 Powderhound Preview

This November brings us the 21st annual Powderhound Preview & Fundraiser!

Pine Mountain Sports has been presenting our locally produced welcome to winter film festival since we opened shop in 2000. As you can imagine, 2020 is going to keep us from hosting our usual party at the Tower Theatre, but we’re still dedicated to sharing some of our favorite Powderhound films from years past. As always our goal is to spread some winter stoke and raising some money for a deserving non-profit!

Mark your calendar for Wed Nov 18 at 7P. We’ll be broadcasting from an empty Tower Theatre and sharing some of our favorite Powderhound content on-line right here at

Instead of purchasing your tickets this year, we ask that you visit and make a donation of $12 or more right now. All shows are in HD, so we highly recommend watching these on your big screen and not your phone…


Our 21st Annual Powderhound Preview & Fundraiser airs over 5 nights right here…

Episode 1: Wed Nov 18, 7P – WATCH NOW!

Episode 2: Thu Nov 19, 7P – WATCH NOW!

Episode 3: Fri Nov 20, 7P – WATCH NOW!

Episode 4: Sat Nov 21, 7P – WATCH NOW!

Episode 5: Sun Nov 22, 7P – WATCH NOW!

Please visit and make a donation of $12 or more right now.


Need A Helmet? Use Your Head…

At Pine Mountain Sports we have a wall of mountain bike helmets to choose from, and a friendly staff that’s well-versed in helmet fitting. We currently stock 38 models and sizes of mountain bike helmets, ranging from $65 to $320. If you’re using your head, you’ll quickly realize that finding your perfect helmet at Pine Mountain Sports is a real no-brainer.


Juliana Raffle for Saving Grace

Pine Mountain Sports is helping to raise money for Saving Grace by donating a $6,000 Juliana Furtado mountain bike to be raffled off! Part of the fundraising efforts of the Pine Mountain Sports Community Ambassador Program, every dollar collected from this raffle goes directly to Saving Grace.

For over 40 years, Saving Grace has provided essential services for those experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault in Central Oregon. Saving Grace has a confidential emergency shelter and a 24-hour helpline. Additionally, they provide counseling, court and legal advocacy, and a safe and supervised visitation center for parents and children.

Raffle tickets go on sale on Wed Jul 1, and are available on-line only, exclusively from the Saving Grace website.

Every $10 raffle ticket gets you a chance to win a $6,000 Juliana Furtado built up just for you by Pine Mountain Sports! This is the all new lower-link driven Furtado frame with 130mm of rear travel, a 140mm Rock Shox Pike Fork, 27.5″ wheels, and the 12-spd Shimano XT build with a 10-51T cassette. The Juliana Furtado is THE perfect all-around mountain bike for hitting the trails in Central Oregon. A maximum of 1,000 tickets will be sold.


The winning ticket will be drawn at 9:30A at Pine Mountain Sports on Mon Aug 17, 2020. The winner receives the all new, 2020 Juliana Furtado XT Carbon C mountain bike, in the Spicy Redwood color, and in the size of their choice. Winner need not be present to win, but must take final delivery of their new bike in person at Pine Mountain Sports. No exceptions. Winner will be responsible for any taxes related to prize winnings. Questions? Contact

This could be you! Saving Grace is raffling off a new Juliana Furtado…

2020 Community Ambassador Program

Saving Grace provides resources for those experiencing domestic violence in Central Oregon.

We’re more resolved than ever in announcing Saving Grace as the beneficiary of our 2020 Community Ambassador Program!

2020 is proving to be a very difficult year for all of us. Covid-19 is affecting our economic and social lives in so many ways that many of us are feeling overwhelmed. It would seem reasonable to simply wait this one out.

Why is Pine Mountain Sports looking to support this specific nonprofit in the middle of a pandemic? Social distancing, unemployment, and stay at home orders affect all of us, but are devastating for those in abusive relationships.

For over 40 years, Saving Grace has provided essential services for those experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault in Central Oregon including confidential emergency shelter and a 24-hour helpline.

Additionally, they provide counseling, court and legal advocacy, and a safe and supervised visitation center for parents and children.

How can we make a difference today in the lives of our neighbors who are finding themselves in an abusive situation? Please continue to provide life-saving resources by making a donation today directly to Saving Grace.

Whether you give $20, or choose to become a Community Ambassador by giving $500 you can DONATE directly to Saving Grace today by clicking HERE.

Thank you for supporting our Pine Mountain Sports Community Ambassador Program!

Get some! Give some.


Our Family at Pine Mountain Sports

Shopping With Us During Covid-19

Updated Thu Mar 18, 2021…

Q: Is Pine Mountain Sports open now? Yes! In order to keep our customers and staff safely distanced our in-store access is limited to a few customers at a time (face masks required inside, please – we are happy to provide you with one). We are still offering curbside retail service on request. We are currently open from 10A-6P every day of the week. Please call first at 541-385-8080.

Q: Can I shop for a new bike now? Absolutely! New bike shopping can easily be done by coming by the store, or you can set up an appointment with us. In addition to our showroom, we’ve roped off a section of our parking lot just for you and a staff member to talk and test ride bikes. You can also browse and price new bikes on-line at the Santa Cruz, Juliana, and Trek websites. Got bike questions or special requests? Please give us a call at 541-385-8080 or send an email to

Q: Can I get my bike or skis worked on? Yes! Walk-ins are welcome, but we do recommend an appointment for more involved services right now. Our bike techs are in high demand now, so when setting an appointment we ask for a $40 deposit in order to reserve your day on our service calendar. An appointment means that you only have to part with your bike for that day. Call 541-385-8080 to talk to one of our service writers and make an appointment.

Q: Are you renting bikes right now? Yes, we do ask you to reserve your bikes at least a day in advance. This time of your our demo fleet offerings are limited so we may be unable to provide a rental bike without a reservation. Visit our Mtn Bike Rentals page to see what bikes and sizes are being offered now. If you are shopping for a new bike we do have some demo bikes available so you can demo a bike before you buy it. Ask us for details.

Q: Are you renting skis right now? No, we are NOT currently renting any skis or boots. Right now we are only renting snowshoes. Visit our Winter Rentals page to see what is being offered now. Please note that we do not offer reservations for winter gear including snowshoes. Thank you!

Q: Can I buy stuff right now? Absolutely! Our store is mostly open now and we’re excited to welcome you inside to try on clothing, helmets, and shoes. Please note that face masks are required inside our store, and we are happy to provide you with one. Thank you! If you know what you are looking for please give us a call and a member of our staff will make sure we have what you need. Some of our inventory can be viewed here on

Q: Are any Pine University clinics or group rides happening soon? Unfortunately not. We’ll be strictly adhering to the Governors recommendations on social distancing and we suspect that not much will change until late 2021. We still have events on our calendar for the year, and we’ll keep updating the status of those events as they draw near.


Thank you!! Thanks in advance for your patience and your business. It’s a strange time for all of us right now and we’re working to provide the essential services that you need right now. Please know that our main priority is to keep our community and our staff healthy. If you have any questions or suggestions please send us an email to

Free local home delivery is available on request with new bikes ordered from

Snosticks Free Ski Demo Days

Touring near Mt. Bachelor on the 112 Snosticks. Photo by Jesse Polay.


Did you know that SnoPlanks lovely bamboo and carbon Snosticks skis are handmade right here in Bend, Oregon? Designed for surf-like flow on the deepest of days these sticks are built with powder in mind from the ground up. Carbon reinforcements keep the ski stiff underfoot for aggressive riding through chop while the bamboo core provides a light and nimble ski that is full of pop and life.

At Pine Mountain Sports we love getting our hands on new gear as much as you do, and for 2020 we’ve excited to welcome SnoPlanks to our small family of ski vendors! We’ve got them in stock now, and we have a few pairs of the SnoPlanks Snosticks skis in our winter demo fleet in sizes…

106 Snosticks in 178 and 184cm length w/ Fritschi Tecton bindings

112 Snosticks in 178 and 184cm length w/ Fritschi Tecton bindings

FREE* DEMO DAYS: Pine Mountain Sports Club Card members are invited to demo these Snosticks skis for up to 24 hours at no charge between Fri Jan 17 and Sun Feb 2. Club Card members can simply call to reserve the ski you want for the day you want it. Wanna ski these for more than 24-hours? Additional days are $35. Skins are available to rent for $10.

There is no charge for the ski demo, but you’ll need your license and credit card when completing our waiver. Make sure to bring in your boots so that we can set the binding up for you.

Not a Club Card member? You can sign up at any time. A Lifetime membership is a one time fee of $20 and is good for everyone in your immediate family – and includes a discount and perks* such as this.