Pine Mtn. Staff

We are proud to say that Pine Mountain Sports has some the best staff (just ask Google) of any bike shop in Bend Oregon. We have the training and experience to get you on the right outdoor gear the first time. Our Team is here to answer your questions, give advice or just chat about conditions, gear, etc.

We’d like to introduce you to our Team…


  • At Pine Since: 2000 (From the beginning!)
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Hightower w/ XTR
  • Current Skis: BD Helio’s & RMU North Shore 108’s (Tele)
  • Preferred Tip: Strawberry Lemonade
  • About: He’s the shop owner and a fixture in the store. His product knowledge rivals his (sometimes overwhelming) random knowledge of movies and music.
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  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Specialized Stumpjumper 29er
  • Current Skis: Nordica Santa Ana’s
  • About: You can find Ashley on our sales floor. She’s spent time riding DH bikes as part of her previous job at Stevens Pass Bike Park.
  • Email Ashley


  • At Pine Since: 2006
  • Currently Rides: Trek Remedy 9.8 & SC Chameleon 29er
  • Current Skis: Rossi Blackops Senders w/ 22 Designs Vice
  • About: Bowman is one of the heavy lifters in our service department. He also pilots the groomer at Meissner so he’s always a good one to ask about trail conditions.
  • Email Chris


  • At Pine Since: 2014
  • Currently Rides: Trek Allant 7+ Commuter
  • Current Skis: Spends Winter w/ Her Fly Rod
  • Preferred Tip: Cold IPA and a Thank You
  • About: Erika managed the Icebreaker store in Portlandia before becoming our clothing buyer. Let her know what clothes you like, and ask her to see pictures of her kitty cat.
  • Email Erika


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Hightower & Highball
  • Current Skis: Rossignol Black Ops
  • About: Jake has a long history in the ski and bike industry and we’re stoked to have him. When he’s not working with customers he’s winning races on his DH bike or skiing.
  • Email Jake


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Cotic Jeht & Kona Rove
  • Current Skis: Fischer Wattea 84
  • Preferred Tip: Homebaked Goods
  • About: Our other Jake is from Asheville, NC. He loves riding super-scary stuff on his mountain bike, getting loose on a gravel bike, and goin’ real fast on skis!
  • Email Jake L.


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Juliana Furtado
  • Current Skis: Rossignol BC 70
  • About: When she’s not helping customers, she’s out riding big bikes on technical trails! She also is one of our latest staff members to get a moto license, so look out.
  • Email Jody


  • At Pine Since: 2018
  • Currently Rides: Karate Monkey & Santa Cruz Tallboy
  • Current Skis: BD Route 105’s & Icelantic Nomads
  • Preferred Tip: A Tasty IPA & Cookies
  • About: Cody spent time as a boat captain in Alaska. We find him to be a good source for bikepacking and gardening tips, although his wife says otherwise.
  • Email Cody


  • At Pine Since: 2001
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010 & 2001 Mrazek
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Originally from Argentina, Paco is a former river guide and loves to tele ski and hit the nordic ski trails when the moon is full.
  • Email Paco


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Trek Supercaliber 9.8
  • Current Skis: Let’s see if he survives the winter
  • About: Francois comes to us from one of our favorite shops in the Bay Area, Mike’s Bikes! Now he’s one of our store managers and we’re stoked to have him.
  • Email Francois


  • At Pine Since: 2011
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010
  • Current Skis: Experience 100’s & Fischer Excursion 88’s
  • About: Ed is one of our store managers. He can find a ski boot to fit almost any foot, and he rides his Yamaha FJR motorcycle to work as often as not.
  • Email Ed


  • At Pine Since: 2019
  • Currently Rides: Liv Intrigue Advanced, Juliana Roubion
  • Current Skis: Nope. Not yet…
  • About: When she’s not outside with her two chocolate labs, Bri teaches art to kids, runs our Women’s MTB Program and coaches MTB for Bend Endurance Academy!
  • Email Bri


  • At Pine Since: 2008
  • Currently Rides: SC 5010 & Trek Super Commuter
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Joel is one of our master mechanics. He’s done RAGBRAI more times that we can count, and he has a yard full of chickens. And two, awesome boys.
  • Email Joel


  • At Pine Since: 2019
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Stigmata & Trek Remedy
  • Current Skis: Everything. Seriously, everything.
  • About: He’s one of our Service Managers and part of our super-early-morning service Team. He’s run some of the largest ski shops in Colorado and we’re stoked to have him!
  • Email Scott


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Some Bike
  • Current Skis: Some Skis
  • About: Anne is a regular in our showroom and a woman of many talents. From camping tips to bike recommendations to a good knock-knock joke, she’s your gal!
  • Email Anne


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: SC Bronson, Surly Krampus/Straggler
  • Current Skis: BD AMPerage w/ G3 bindings
  • About: Jon hails from Salem, Oregon and has been working on bikes for over 15 years. For those of you that want to tip this mechanic, his weakness is Peanut M & M’s!
  • Email Jon B


  • At Pine Since: 2018
  • Currently Rides: Trek Top Fuel 9.8
  • Current Skis: Nordorking
  • About: Christopher is a photojournalist, cyclist, and one of our expert bike-fitters here at Pine Mountain Sports. Christopher is also known as Chris #3, or Gagne West.
  • Email Christopher


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Heckler
  • Current Skis: Fischer Speedmax Skate Skis
  • Preferred Tip: Cash! It’s like money
  • About: Peter works behind the scenes in “the fridge”. The fridge is the back work station where our best techs can work, uninterrupted, and crank out your repairs quickly.
  • Email Peter


  • At Pine Since: 2019
  • Currently Rides: Specialized Fuse SS & Sequoia
  • Current Skis: Some sticks w/ Marker Duke’s
  • Preferred Tip: Wyld Gummies
  • About: Alex, aka Donuts, recently returned from AZ to resume his post in our service department. He’s a traveler and has checked a LOT of riding areas off his list.
  • Email Alex


  • At Pine Since: 2017
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Chameleon 29
  • Current Skis: Burton Sherlock Snowboard
  • About: We were lucky to snag Dave from a Trek dealer in Denver, Colorado. He’s one of our Service Department Managers – and has the second best beard in the store.
  • Email Dave


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Juliana Furtado
  • Current Skis: Fischer Nordic
  • Preferred Tip: Cold Brew
  • About: Savannah works in the upstairs office and oversees the Office and HR Department. She enjoys skiing, running and hiking, and dreams of owning a corgi someday.
  • Email Savannah


  • At Pine Since: 2011
  • Currently Rides: SC Hightower & Tandems
  • Current Skis: G3 SEEKr 100’s w/ Vipecs
  • Preferred Tip: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • About: Henry has a love for all 2-wheeled vehicles and is our community outreach guy, among other things. He’s also pretty good at drawing pictures and fixing a flat.
  • Email Henry


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: YT Tues, Dirt Love & Capra 29
  • Current Skis: A Snowboard
  • Preferred Tip: Kombucha
  • About: If you’ve been to our rental counter lately you’ve probably had the pleasure of working with Jesse. When he’s not working at PINE he’s at the Bike Park or studying.
  • Email Jesse


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Gary Fisher Ferrous, Trek Crockett
  • Current Skis: Shoot… Snow???
  • Preferred Tip: Any combo of chocolate & peanut butter
  • About: Gabe likes good coffee, big climbs, long descents, and chocolate ice cream. In that order. When Gabe isn’t building bikes for us, he’s bikepacking.
  • Email Gabe


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010 & Nomad
  • Current Skis: Jones Hovercraft split board
  • Preferred Tip: Candy. Or gin.
  • About: You can find John in our service department most days.. Otherwise he’s probably snowboarding, surfing, fishing or riding DH at the Bachelor Bike Park.
  • Email John M


  • At Pine Since: 2018
  • Currently Rides: Banshee Prime
  • Current Skis: Burton Custom Snowboard
  • Preferred Tip: Red Vines
  • About: Max started as a summer intern washing bikes and tossing cardboard. A few years later and now he’s one of our best bike builders! Max loves big jumps!
  • Email Max


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Juliana Wilder
  • Current Skis: Atomic Bent Chetler 100
  • Preferred Tip: Coffee
  • About: Abbi is from Bellingham. She loves mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and off-road triathlons! She’s also a strength coach and nutritionist.
  • Email Abbi


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Salsa Marrakesh
  • Current Snowboards: Gnu Mullair C3 & Rome Manual
  • Preferred Tip: Cash, Food, Beer or Friendship
  • About: Rune loves exploring new places by bike, weaving through trees on his snowboard, cheffing up some veggies, and trail running with his dog, Cooper.
  • Email Rune


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Hightower
  • Current Skis: Arbor Coda Rocker Snowboard
  • Preferred Tip: Cookies!
  • About: When East Coast Phil isn’t wrenching for us you’ll find him in the mountains or trying to surf. And he works the sound mixing board at Volcanic Theatre Pub!
  • Email Phil


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Marin Wolf Vision Prototype & NICOLAI Ion 20
  • Current Snowboards: Rome Crosrocket & Hammerhead
  • Preferred Tip: Cold hard or dog treats for the MARVIN.
  • About: Ian is an industry veteran having worked for Marin, Mavic, Scott, and Argonaut. You’ll find him on two wheels, or one plank. And always accompanied by his dog Marvin McDirt.
  • Email Ian