Pine Mtn. Staff

We are proud to say that Pine Mountain Sports has some the best staff (just ask Google) of any bike shop in Bend Oregon. We have the training and experience to get you on the right outdoor gear the first time. Our Team is here to answer your questions, give advice or just chat about conditions, gear, etc.

We’d like to introduce you to our Team…


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Trek Supercaliber 9.8
  • Current Skis: Let’s see if he survives the winter
  • About: Francois comes to us from one of our favorite shops in the Bay Area, Mike’s Bikes! Now he’s one of our Store Managers and we’re stoked to have him.
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  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Specialized AWOL Comp
  • Current Skis: ’21 Rossignol XV Split
  • Preferred Tip: Fresh-roasted coffee beans
  • About: Mike likes climbing rocks and is one of our Store Managers. Also, Mike loves his dog. And your dog. Pretty much all dogs.
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  • At Pine Since: 2017
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Chameleon 29
  • Current Skis: Burton Sherlock Snowboard
  • About: We were lucky to snag Dave from a Trek dealer in Denver, Colorado. He’s one of our Service Department Managers – and has the second best beard in the store.
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  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010 & Nomad
  • Current Skis: Jones Hovercraft split board
  • Preferred Tip: Candy. Or gin.
  • About: You can find John in our service department most days..given he’s one of our Service Department Managers. Otherwise he’s probably snowboarding, surfing, fishing or riding DH at the Bachelor Bike Park.
  • Email John M


  • At Pine Since: 2020
  • Currently Rides: Juliana Furtado
  • Current Skis: Fischer Nordic & Alpine
  • Preferred Tip: Cold Brew
  • About: Savannah is our Office & Human Resources Manager. You can usually find her up at Mt. Bachelor on her alpine skis during the Winter and on her stand up paddle board or mountain bike during the warmer weather!
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  • At Pine Since: 2011
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010
  • Current Skis: Experience 100’s & Fischer Excursion 88’s
  • About: Ed has been an essential part of Pine for years. He can find a ski boot to fit almost any foot, and he rides his Yamaha FJR motorcycle to work as often as not.
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  • At Pine Since: 2006
  • Currently Rides: Trek Remedy 9.8 & SC Chameleon 29er
  • Current Skis: Rossi Blackops Senders w/ 22 Designs Vice
  • About: Bowman is one of the heavy lifters in our service department. He also pilots the groomer at Meissner so he’s always a good one to ask about trail conditions.
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  • At Pine Since: 2022
  • Currently Rides: Salsa Timberjack 27.5+
  • Current Skis: Rossi BC70 & Burton Diva for the vert
  • Preferred Tip: A reciprocated smile! And chocolate.
  • About: Tiffany balances her outdoor retail career by sending out at Smith, cruising down Flagline, gliding around Meisner… Ask her about the Central Oregon Backcountry Explorer route!
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  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Juliana Furtado
  • Current Skis: Rossignol BC 70
  • About: When she’s not helping customers, she’s out riding big bikes on technical trails! She also is one of our latest staff members to get a moto license, so look out.
  • Email Jody


  • At Pine Since: 2001
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010 & 2001 Mrazek
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Originally from Argentina, Paco is a former river guide and loves to tele ski and hit the nordic ski trails when the moon is full.
  • Email Paco


  • At Pine Since: 2008
  • Currently Rides: SC 5010 & Trek Super Commuter
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Joel is one of our master mechanics. He’s done RAGBRAI more times that we can count, and he has a yard full of chickens. And two, awesome boys.
  • Email Joel


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Heckler, Trek Fuel EXe
  • Current Skis: FischerSpeedmax 3D Skate Skis
  • About: Peter is one of our best bike techs. His specialty is wheel building, suspension, and wicked-fast RC cars. He’s the guy that’s here late, making sure your bike is perfect.
  • Email Peter


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Scott Genius 740 & Supercaliber 9.8
  • Current Skis: DPS Wailer 112’s & Salomon Snowscapes
  • Preferred Tip: Peanut Butter Pretzels
  • About: Woody is a former NOLS staff instructor. When he’s not playing skis or bikes he’s planning his next ultralite wilderness trip, or walking his dog, Abby, in the woods.
  • Email Woody


  • At Pine Since: 2018
  • Currently Rides: Trek Top Fuel 9.8
  • Current Skis: Nordorking
  • About: Christopher is a photojournalist, cyclist, and one of our expert bike-fitters here at Pine Mountain Sports. Christopher is also known as Chris #3, or Gagne West.
  • Email Christopher


  • At Pine Since: 2021
  • Currently Rides: Gary Fisher Ferrous, Trek Crockett
  • Current Skis: Shoot… Snow???
  • Preferred Tip: Any combo of chocolate & peanut butter
  • About: Gabe likes good coffee, big climbs, long descents, and chocolate ice cream. In that order. When Gabe isn’t building bikes for us, he’s bikepacking.
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  • At Pine Since: 2022
  • Currently Rides: Surly Krampus
  • Current Skis: Volkl Aura’s from like… 2009
  • Preferred Tip: Cheap Mexican Beer
  • About: From Seattle, Emily builds bikes and leads our Women’s MTB Program. She’s worked on National Geographic cruise ships and likes RC trucks, skateboarding, and long hikes.
  • Email Emily


  • At Pine Since: 2022
  • Currently Rides: Specialized Status 160, DMR DJ
  • Current Skis: Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard
  • Preferred Tip: Cookies
  • About: Carter is one of our Inventory Specialists & Bike Builder. He’s a good resource for current trail conditions and enjoys bouldering and disc golf.
  • Email Carter


  • At Pine Since: 2022
  • Currently Rides: Propain Hugene, Cortina Europa
  • Current Skis: Armada ARV 96
  • Preferred Tips: Cold Beer, Veggie Burritos
  • About: John previously worked at the educational bike shop at CSU in Colorado. When he’s not working on your bike, you can find him on the freeride trails with his pup, Everest, or climbing a rock.
  • Email John


  • At Pine Since: 2022
  • Currently Rides: Custom Pursuit All Road
  • Current Skis: All the Volkls
  • About: Jason works in the back persuading bikes to become better versions of themselves. When he’s not leading these therapy sessions you can find him playing Marco Polo in the pool with his family.
  • Email Jason

ROBERT “Robmat”

  • At Pine Since: 2022
  • Currently Rides: Revel Ranger, Production Privee Shan
  • Current Skis: Robmat Don’t Ski
  • Preferred Tip: Maple Syrup Candies
  • About: Robmat is one of our Inventory Specialists and likes to talk about bikes! He also likes Godzilla, Nice People, art (ask him about his snowglobe sculptures), Hiking, Traveling and generally being outside. He’s from Florida.
  • Email Robmat


  • At Pine Since: 2023
  • Currently Rides: Focus BOLD² Plus, DB Haanjo Comp
  • Current Skis: Libtech Wundersticks
  • About: Jay has been in the bike and ski industry since his years in high school and now he’s bringing all that knowledge to help out our team. If he’s not in the shop he’s probably out exploring in his 4×4 E350 van.
  • Email Jay


  • At Pine Since: 2023
  • Currently Rides: Trek Fuel EX
  • Current Skis: Icelandic Nomads 105
  • About: Cozzi grew up in Hood River OR, Thats where he fell in love with action sports and the industry. He has been following his passion for Skiing, Biking, climbing and videography since High School.
  • Email Cozzi


  • At Pine Since: 2000 (From the beginning!)
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Hightower w/ XTR
  • Current Skis: BD Helio’s & RMU North Shore 108’s (Tele)
  • Preferred Tip: Strawberry Lemonade
  • About: He’s the shop owner and a fixture in the store. His product knowledge rivals his (sometimes overwhelming) random knowledge of movies and music.
  • Email Dan