Pine Mtn. Staff

We are proud to say that Pine Mountain Sports has some the best staff (just ask Yelp) of any bike shop in Bend Oregon. We have the training and experience to get you on the right outdoor gear the first time. Our staff is here to answer your questions, give advice or just chat about conditions, gear, etc.

We’d like to introduce you to our Team…


  • At Pine Since: 2000 (From the beginning!)
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Tallboy 3
  • Current Skis: Black Diamond Helio 105 (Tele)
  • About: He’s the shop owner and a fixture in the store. His product knowledge rivals his (sometimes overwhelming) random knowledge of movies and music.
  • Email Dan


  • At Pine Since: 2012
  • Currently Rides: Juliana Furtado
  • Current Skis: Rossignol Super 7
  • About: Jane is our clothing buyer, a PMBI certified mountain bike instructor and the brains and brawn behind our hugely popular Dirt Diva program.
  • Email Jane


  • At Pine Since: 2006
  • Currently Rides: Trek Fuel 29er
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Bowman is one of the heavy lifters in our service department. He also pilots the groomer at Meissner so he’s always a good one to ask about trail conditions.
  • Email Chris


  • At Pine Since: 2010
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Highball
  • Current Skis: Rossignol BC 65
  • About: Mark is from Philly and knows a thing or two about bikes and cheese steak. He’s a manager here, and the founder of Bend Oregon Single Speeders (B.O.S.S.).
  • Email Mark


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Nomad & 5010
  • Current Skis: Rossignol BC 90
  • About: Brraaaaapp! Brapp! BRAHHP! Brapp!… Alex is our service writer, and Pro rider (basically)! He’s a real asset… to our store, and a reliable source of ideas and funny faces.
  • Email Alex


  • At Pine Since: 2005
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010
  • Current Skis: Grover Skis
  • About: Tyler loves inventory. He’s on his 2nd tour of duty as he worked for us back in the day, before running off to Texas and teaching yoga. We didn’t make that part up.
  • Email Tyler


  • At Pine Since: 2014
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010
  • Current Skis: A Fishing Pole
  • About: Erika recently moved here from Portlandia. She managed the Icebreaker store and her hubby is a fly fishing guide. Ask her to show you pictures of her new kitten.
  • Email Erika


  • At Pine Since: 2008
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Bronson
  • Current Skis: K2 Splitboard & Salomon X-Adv 69 XC Skis
  • About: After some world travels our man Sully is back at Pine Mountain Sports and we’re stoked to have him turning wrenches for us again! Sully’s words of wisdom? “Always bring extra snacks on the trail.”
  • Email Sully


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Trek Session
  • Current Skis: Rossignol BC 70
  • About: When she’s not helping customers, she’s out riding big bikes on technical trails! She also is one of our latest staff members to get a moto license, so look out.
  • Email Jody


  • At Pine Since: 2001
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Hightower 27.5+
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Originally from Argentina, Paco is a former river guide and loves to tele ski and hit the nordic ski trails when the moon is full.
  • Email Paco

JON “Handsome” HANSEN

  • At Pine Since: 2011
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Stigmata
  • Current Skis: A Strider Bike
  • About: The beard of handsome Jon is the beard that all up and coming beards strive to be. He’s the guy in our service department that is working on your bike at 5AM.
  • Email Jon


  • At Pine Since: 2011
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010 & Trek Stache
  • Current Skis: Rossignol Soul 7 & BC 90
  • About: Ed is one of our store managers. He can find a ski boot to fit almost any foot, and he rides his Yamaha FJR motorcycle to work as often as not.
  • Email Ed


  • At Pine Since: 2008
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz 5010
  • Current Skis: Something w/ Tele Bindings
  • About: Joel is one of our master mechanics. He’s done RAGBRAI more times that we can count, and he has a yard full of chickens. And two, awesome boys.
  • Email Joel


  • At Pine Since: 2011
  • Currently Rides: Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29er & Superfly SS
  • Current Skis: BD Carbon Convert w/ Vipecs
  • About: Henry has a love for all 2-wheeled vehicles and is our community outreach guy, among other things. He’s also pretty good at drawing pictures and fixing a flat.
  • Email Henry


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Hightower 27.5+
  • Current Skis: Salomon Equipe 9 Skate Skis
  • About: Peter works behind the scenes in “the fridge”. The fridge is the back work station where our best techs can work, uninterrupted, and crank out your repairs quickly.
  • Email Peter


  • At Pine Since: 2015
  • Currently Rides: Trek Remedy 27.5
  • Current Skis: Snowboard Shaped Skis
  • About: Shawn is one of our several, dedicated bicycle and ski techs. He likes bicycles so much that his parents named him after the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association. Sort of… OK, not really.
  • Email Shawn


  • At Pine Since: 2016
  • Currently Rides: Trek Lexa & Trek Lush
  • Current Skis: XC Skis
  • About: If spreadsheets and point of sale systems were trails, then Kristina would be kicking all of our butts on the next ride. She does like to play triathlon.
  • Email Kristina